Early online

Amella Cana
The role of PGE2 and IL-1β in orthodontic tooth movement – a review [PDF]
Early on-line 4 February 2020

Katerina Iliovska, Zoran Sterjev, Aleksandra Kapedanovska Nestorovska
Pharmaceutical care in the treatment of pediatric asthma: the role of community pharmacist [PDF]
Early on-line 4 February 2020

Elena Kostova, Slavica Shubeska Stratrova
Prognostic and monitoring value of tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases TIMP-1 and TIMP-2 in patients with colorectal cancer [PDF]
Early on-line 4 February 2020

Slavica Shubeska Stratrova, Elena Kostova
Dyslipidemic profile in healthy women in relation to body fat distribution [PDF]
Early on-line 4 February 2020

Emrah Dural, Seniha Çelebi, Aslı Bolayır, Burhanettin Çiğdem
Development and validation of a new HPLC method for valproic acid determination in human plasma and its application to a therapeutic drug monitoring study [PDF]
Early on-line 6 February 2020

Ivana Mitrevska, Katerina Brezovska, Aneta Dimitrovska, Suzan Memed-Sejfulah, Sonja Ugarkovic
Optimization and statistical evaluation of discriminative dissolution method for bisoprolol immediate-release film coated tablets [PDF]
Early on-line 2 April 2020

Drita Yzeiri Havziu, Biljana Gjorgjeska, Visar Miftari, Edita Alili Idrizi, Gjylaj Alija, Arlinda Haxhiu
Comparison of the adverse renal effects of different types of NSAID based on COX inhibition in patients with headaches [PDF]
Early on-line 2 April 2020

Maja Pejkovska Ilieva, Vesna Antovska, Mirjana Kaeva Pejkovska
Uterine artery pulsatility index as a relevant parameter in the prediction of preeclampsia [PDF]
Early on-line 2 April 2020

Sonja Kuzmanovska, Olivija Vaskova
Interference in thyroid function immunoassays: clinical consequences [PDF]
Early on-line 29 April 2020